Missouri Coronavirus Cases

As of June 1, Missouri reported 13,327 confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Of these, 773 has resulted in death. St. Louis County has the majority of cases with 4,834 reported.

Source: Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Missouri Hairstylists Potentially Expose Over 100 Customers To Coronavirus

Health officials in Missouri have announced that a pair of hairstylists who tested positive for the coronavirus may have potentially exposed at least 140 clients to the disease.

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department has said that hairstylists at a Great Clips salon located in Springfield may have exposed clients to the coronavirus. It was initially reported that seven co-workers and 84 clients may have been potentially exposed to the virus after one hairstylist tested positive for the coronavirus. However, on Saturday, May 23, the county health department announced that a second hairstylist who had served 56 clients had also tested positive for the virus.

The first stylist to test positive for the virus worked eight days between May 12 and May 20, while the co-worker who also tested positive worked five shifts from May 16 to May 20. The Springfield-Greene County Health Department has said that both stylists and their clients were wearing face coverings and that all potentially exposed individuals would be contacted and tested for the coronavirus. However, according to reports, the county health department director, Clay Goddard, says that people who have not been contacted by the health department even though they may have gone to the salon during the periods when the stylists were working are likely at a low risk of exposure, adding that those people should still be on the lookout for any symptoms of the virus and contact healthcare providers for testing if they deem it necessary.

“If you have a summer cold or you have allergies, don't make assumptions,” said Goddard. “We have testing in this community. Get tested.”

Since the onset of the pandemic, over 11,000 cases of the coronavirus have been recorded in Missouri by the state Department of Health and Senior Services.

"COVID-19 testing will continue to be a major priority as we move forward. We cannot fully recover economically without increasing our testing numbers."

Governor Mike Parson

Missouri Carries Out First Execution Since Coronavirus Outbreak

A Missouri inmate has been put to death by lethal injection, marking the country’s first capital punishment since the coronavirus outbreak.

Walter Barton, aged 64, had received the death sentence for the 1991 killing of 81 year old mobile home owner Gladys Kuehler in Ozark. His case had gone through appeals, mistrials and two overturned convictions until the Supreme Court denied a stay of execution on Tuesday, May 19, and Governor Mike Parson declined to grant clemency.

Attorneys across the country have argued that the coronavirus pandemic has prevented them from conducting thorough investigations for clemency petitions and last minute appeals. Concerns have also been raised about possible exposure and spreading of the coronavirus due to the close proximity and interaction of witnesses and staff at executions. Some states, including Texas, Ohio and Tennessee have even postponed scheduled executions due to these concerns.

However, the Barton execution went ahead in Bonne Terre, with strict protocols put in place to protect prison workers and visitors from exposure to the coronavirus. All individuals entering the Bonne Terre prison, which has no confirmed cases of the coronavirus, were required to wear a face covering and have their temperatures checked. The prison also provided masks and gloves for people who didn’t have any.

Barton’s execution is the first in the United States since the early March execution of Nathaniel Woods Jr. for his role in the 2004 killings of three police officers in Alabama.

“I, Walter 'Arkie' Barton, am innocent and they are executing an innocent man!!” said Barton in his final statement released prior to his execution.

  • 26,029 initial unemployment insurance claims were recorded in Missouri during the week that ended on May 16.
  • As at March 2020, Missouri has an unemployment rate of 4.5%
  • 11.2% of Missourians under the age of 65 have no health insurance.
  • Approximately 13% of the people in Missouri live under the poverty line.
  • Missouri plans to test 10,000 people at events in Boone, Cape Girardeau, Greene, Jackson, Jefferson and St. Charles Counties over a 10-day period between May 26 and June 3.

Source: statistica.com

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